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California Center for Cardiothoracic Surgery

Cardiothoracic is a medical term used when describing a condition that affects organs inside the chest cavity – most often the lungs or heart, which includes the valves and bloodvessels of the heart. Cardiothoracic surgery is performed by trained cardiovascular and thoracic surgeons who specialize in the sensitive area that controls the flow of both blood and oxygen through the body. Since cardiothoracic surgery is so delicate in nature, it is especially important to find a highly qualified surgeon to perform the procedure. Experienced cardiothoracic surgeons will have decades of experience and intimate knowledge of the best techniques and treatments for cardiothoracic ailments, whether surgery is required or not.

Established in 1987, the California Center for Cardiothoracic Surgery is lead by Dr. Mohammad Gharavi, an experienced, board certified surgeon dedicated to the best in surgical treatment for heart, lung, and vascular problems. Dr. Gharavi regularly performs procedures including and not limited to coronary artery bypass, mitral valve replacement, aortic valve replacement or TAVR, aneurysm resection, implantation of pacemakers and defibrillators, thoracotomies or VATS, and lobectomies. With two offices in Southern California – San Fernando Valley and Ventura County and three affiliated hospitals – Providence Tarzana Medical Center, West Hills Hospital and Medical Center, and Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center, the California Center for Cardiothoracic Surgery serves patients throughout the state. The California Center for Cardiothoracic Surgery is committed to providing the best care and post-operative recovery treatment for patients.


Why Heart411?

At The California Center for Cardiothoracic Surgery a highly professional team is prepared to satisfy all of your cardiovascular needs.

Since its inception, The Center has performed over 11,000 open heart procedures and over 4,000 vascular, lung, and other related procedures.

Our highly skilled cardiothoracic surgeon and personal team manage all issues pertaining to surgical needs including scheduling, insurance, surgery preparation, surgery, intensive care, hospital rounds, management, and postoperative care.

Our staff acts as a liaison between the surgeon, the patient's cardiologist, and all referring physicians.





After completion of his formal medical training in Tehran, Dr. Gharavi continued his studies in the United States. His residency in General Surgery was completed at Mount Sinai Hospital, a Case Western Reserve University affiliated facility in more